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SNDT WOMEN'S University is committed to the cause of women's empowerment through education, particularly higher education. Thus, it offers relevant courses in the formal and non- formal streams. Fashion industry is growing rapidly in its various sub streams. however, against the empowerment opportunities available in this sector, there is dearth of adequate and efficient education.

SNDT Women’s University is the first Women’s university in India as well as in South-East Asia. The University was founded by Maharshi Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve in 1916 for a noble cause of Women’s Education. The first five women graduated in 1921 from this University. The University Headquarters is in Churchgate Campus, Mumbai and the other two campuses of this University are at Juhu, Mumbai and Karve Road, Pune.


B.Design-Specilization in

Fashion Design

4 Year

Fashion Communication

4 Year

Teacher Philosophy & Quality of our Training

The teacher philosophy gives prime importance to nurturing environment for design along with self- motivation using information, experience and practice. It helps the students to create and to develop the concept and specification that optimize the function, value and appearance of the product. The teaching philosophy believes in creating a strong link between knowledge and expertise, which is the indispensable starting point for the growth and overall development in the context of culture, creativity' capability and critical capacities.
The teaching model is aimed at the development of studies ability to understand to develop to analyze and to market the design with a strong technical, scientific as well as research oriented approach. The teaching staff is comprised of expert and professional who are ideally positioned to train the student as per the industry and academic requirement.
The college activities such as industrial visits, visits to museums, art galleries, trade fairs, workshops and seminars, provide first hand and latest information to the students. Market surveys, industrial project design collection and industry internship : equip the students for the decision making, realistic approach and ultimate confidence .VIFD facilities are competitive with leading fashion Institutes around India, making the VIFD learning experience enjoyable and practice - oriented.
Classrooms, studios and laboratories are furnished with state of the art machinery and up to date software's, programmers providing students with hands to skill needed to effectively perform in the workplace and to stay current with changing technology in fashion.

Under Graduate Program

B.Design-Specilization in

Fashion Design & Fashion Communication

Degree Courses

List of Degree Courses

  • B. Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Communication

B. Design

In Affiliation with S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Mumbai (First Women’s University)
A four year undergraduate course not only provides an opportunity to explore but also helps an individual to find their best.An individual who believe in creativity as their religion. As we all know, clothes are the third basic need of human being to survive and now a days clothing plays a vital role in anindividual’s personality.
It is a Professional Degree course which match with NEP 2020 (National Education Policy) future farsightedness. Apart from nurturing creativity of a student but also develop skill to became financially independent at the end of the course even can make a Job creation , for which not our country but the world is looking for.

Fashion Design

This undergraduate degree that gives students solid training in the most recent developments of the fashion industry. It is a popular choice for many people who want to take their fashion ideas from original concepts to a lucrative interface with consumers. Programs in Fashion Design include intensive training in fashion illustration, patternmaking, technical sketching, garment construction, computer-aided design, and the latest software used in the industry. The degree also offers resources in entrepreneurship and professional product development.
After completing a Bachelor in Fashion Design, graduates can go on to a huge variety of exciting and lucrative jobs in all parts of the fashion industry. Many program alumni find careers in the fashion design field as trendsetting designers, executives in the apparel business, teachers of design, textile specialists and other prestigious professional jobs. Fashion is a growing and changing field. One can stay on top of the latest innovations with a degree in design.

Fashion Communication

It is a specialised domain of fashion studies that enable students in acquiring communication skills relevant to the fashion and lifestyle industry. Fashion communication graduate students have multiple career opportunities such as graphic designing, visual merchandising, retail space designing, styling and photography, fashion journalism, PR/events and fashion advertising.Such graduates work as Promotion and merchandising officers, Fashion assistants, Fashion advisers, Fashion stylists, Teachers or lecturers, Fashion designers, Fashion journalists, Sales executives, Fashion consultants, area operations managers, etc.

Career Opportunity

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Show Organizers
  • Technical Designer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Concept Manager
  • Fashion Marketer
  • Quality Controller
  • Accessories Designer
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Costume Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Pattern Master & Many more

Diploma Courses

List of Diploma Courses

  • Advanced Fashion Design and Textile Design (AFDTD) - 2 years
  • Textile Designing and Printing(TD) - 2 years
  • Fashion Designing Special Course (FDS) - 1 year
  • Steno typing Secretarial Practice and office Management with Computer Application (ST) - 2 years
  • Interior Designing & Home Decoration (IDHD) - 1 or 2 Year
  • Nursery Teachers Training (NTT) - 2 years

Advanced Fashion Design and Textile Design - (2 Year)

This Diploma course will provide you with much needed insight and technical expertise required to venture into the Fashion/ Garment Manufacturing Industry. This excellent course digs deep into the fundamental topics of Fashion And Textile Design with knowledge of Computer Aided Design.
It offers well-tailored fashion design courses for students and professionals alike, who aspire to carve a niche in the fashion business. This advanced diploma course opens a variety of careers as a Self Employed,Manufacturer, Merchandiser, Pattern Maker, Embroidery Designer, Fashion and textile designer etc.

Textile Designing and Printing(TD/TDAP) - (1 Year/2Years)

Textile designers are artists who dream up and design the look and feel of textiles, they are responsible for the aesthetic characteristics of fabrics, including patterns printed or woven into their surfaces. Through this education path we provide you with an overview of the textile industry, and the basics of fabrics, fibers, and techniques. The theoretical and technical knowledge acquired fundamental for approaching the realization and production process of the design on fabric. At the end of this textile laboratory you will be able to plan and realize your personal and original drawings on fabrics. Furthermore, it allows you to relate with the textile district and to understand its history, its characteristics and to learn about the most famous textiles and textile designers. The theoretical and technical knowledge of Printing acquired fundamental for approaching the realization and production process of different Dyeing and Printing techniques like block, Screen, Spray, Metallic and many more. Learning different Weaving techniques and constructing their own fabric as well to understand each and every basic of advance.

Fashion Design Special Course - (1 Year)

The most sort Fashion Design Special Course offers creative, artistic, intuitive as well as technical experts in Design. Our fashion design programs train students to use colors, fabrics and ornamentation to craft different fashion items. Students can analyze recent fashion trends and learn about basic business and merchandising principles. The hands-on practice allows students to apply skills in interpreting and developing projects in the different areas of fashion, and add more value to their creativity.

Steno typing Secretarial Practice and office Management with Computer Application(ST) - ( 2 Years )

To familiarize students with the activities in a modern office. Smooth functioning of any organization depends upon the way various activities are organized, the facilities provided to the staff working in the office, the working environment, tools and equipment used in office. The aim of this program is to equip the students with advanced knowledge of modern office equipment, effective communication at all levels by human relations, efficiency in shorthand and typing to become Executive Secretaries at the higher level. This course is in much demand and offers ample opportunities of employment for girls who wish to work as secretaries, stenographers, computer operators, receptionists and office assistants.

Nursery Teacher Training - (1 Year/2 Years)

The course provides various methodologies to the teachers who undergo this NTT course which is required in teaching the young students that will be essential in the physical, cognitive and social development. Some of the important subjects taught are instructional strategies, child psychology, classroom management, cognitive development, child education, teaching methodology, nursery level subjects and communication.
It includes both classroom lectures as well as practical training for teaching, caring and managing young children. The course curriculum also comprises practical facets of teaching such as creative development, children’s play activities, rhyme-reciting, story-telling, lesson-planning.

Interior Designing & Home Decoration(IDHD) - (2 Years)

VIFD is a conducive platform where interested aspirants can gain industry-oriented training and put best foot forward in this industry. Spaces, Décor, Details, Colors- if all this interests an individual, then one can look forward to build career in the field of Interior Design. We prepare our student to make creative flair, innovative design, luxury components and excellent architectural understanding to deliver spectacular lifestyle solutions for both private homes and commercial properties, large and small.

NIOS Courses


  • Cutting Tailoring And Dress Making (CTDM) - 1 Year
  • Personal Secretary and Personal Assistant (PAPS) - 1 Year
  • Beauty Culture (BC) - 6 Months
  • Early Childhood Care and Education - 1 Year
  • Diploma in Dress Designing - 2 Years
  • DTP - 1 Year
  • Modern Secretarial Practice (MSP) - 1 Year
  • Certificate in Basic Computer - 6 Months
  • Computer and Office Applications
  • Toys Making and Joyful Learning - 1 Year
  • Urdu Typing - 1 Year

Cutting Tailoring and Dress Making (CTDM) - (1 Year)

This Diploma course will provide you with much needed insight and technical expertise required to venture into the Fashion/ Garment Manufacturing Industry. This excellent course digs deep into the fundamental topics of Fashion And Textile Design with knowledge of Computer Aided Design.
The learner will be able to identify and take care of the various tools and equipment used in cutting and tailoring, to identify and practice basic and decorative stitches, take body measurements systematically, use of sewing machine and take care of the machine, practice different type of seams using bias, piping, facing and plackets, design draft, pattern making,cutting, stitching and finishing of the garment.

Personal Secretary and Personal Assistant (PAPS) - (1 Year)

Secretarial Practice is a One Year Certificate Course designed keeping in view the requirements of a Personal/ Private Secretary. This is a multi-skilled program, which will expose learner to variety of Skills. It includes handling of mail, Postal Services, Noting and Drafting, Maintenance of Records, Meetings, Appointments, Communication, Travel Arrangements and Basic of Computer. The aim of this course is to equip the learners with advanced knowledge of modern office equipment, effective communication at all levels by human relations, efficiency in shorthand and typing to become Executive Secretaries. This course offers ample opportunities of employment for those who wish to work as secretaries, stenographers, computer operators, receptionists and office assistants.

Diploma in Beauty Culture - (6 Months)

Beauty is not simply a job but it has much deeper significance. An attractive appearance has become a pre-requisite to move forward in life. This is a career-oriented course. The theoretical and Practical Training imparted to the girls/ Women helps them in establishing themselves. Course starts with the zero knowledge of beauty culture and converts students into professionals. There are so many career options especially in private sectors after its successful passing. This course provide all the latest trends and techniques of the business with grooming and personality development of the student imparting an excellent communication skill. Students enable to learn various Makeup techniques, Mehndi application, massage, exercises, Yoga, Hair styling, Hair care, Hair cutting, Coloring, straightening, Perming etc.prepare lerner for work ethics handling different type of client, preparing home-made cosmetic and remedies etc.

Early Childhood Care and Education - (1 Year)

This Course is a range of processes and mechanisms that sustain, support and aid in the holistic development of children, from birth to age 8 years. Due to the rapid neural connections, brain development and growth that take place at this age, this period is considered a critical window of opportunity for optimizing children’s development through the combined impact of education, care, health, nutrition, protection and stimulation. Children who have participated in quality ECCE exhibit tremendous gains in their overall social, cognitive and intellectual development. It also offers an entry point and platform for improving social equity and inclusion.

Diploma in Dress Designing - (2 Year)

This fashion design diploma course will give you practical skills in the areas of design development. It gives an overview of the history of fashion and how past trends influence today’s market. You study different textile fibers, yarns, and fabric utilized in production including where to source them. You will also study how to construct garments as well as learn how to create, finance, and market a clothing label.

Desktop Publishing(DTP) - (1 Year)

This course introduce students to the principles of design applicable to publications created using desktop publishing software and computer technology. Special attention is given to design principles, typography, and layout and production techniques. Which means the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines or books. It prepares to become skilled and innovative Graphics designers. It develops creative and practical skills, equipping students to work as an individual designer or collaboratively as a member of the team. After doing this course the student will be able to effectively and efficiently produce formatted text and graphics, who want to build their careers in Desktop Publishing.

Modern Secretarial Practice - (1 Year)

This course has been designed keeping in view the developments in the area of Secretarial Practice over the few years. The work of an Office Secretary has undergone lot of changes and this course aims to cover all the changed work responsibility of an Office/ Private Secretary. The course components also discuss Computer Applications in Office which has been developed to enable learners to work on the Computer. Knowledge of working on the computer is now an essential job requirement for any Private Secretary/ Personal Assistant. The course aims to equip learners with the art of drafting official correspondences independently. The course also lets learners develop the skill of stenography which is indispensable in business, profession, vocation and administration wherever it is desirable to have a quick and neat record of the spoken words and getting it transcribed from shorthand to longhand on the Typewriter/ computer. After pursuing the course learners can get job.

Basic Computing - (6 Months)

This course is for all literate level learners who want to have basic knowledge of digital literacy. After completing this course the learning will be able to describe about computer, use computer for preparing document, resume, prepare charts from data, create slides for presentation and use Internet. After completing the course the incumbent is able to the use the computer for basic purposes of preparing his personnel/business letters, viewing information on Internet (the web), sending mails, using internet banking services etc. This allows a common man or housewife to be also a part of computer users list by making them digitally literate.

Computer and Office Applications

This course is intended for individuals who want to pursue careers in IT and gain practical knowledge of basic concepts of computer, networking, communication, Internet and office productivity tools. The Self Instructional Material along with hands on experience will help the learner to explain the importance of various units of computer, describe communication protocols and data transmission modes, use of computer network, search the desired information over Internet, protect a document, format data and create database, table and queries.

Toys Making and Joyful Learning - (1 Year)

Every kid is unique in the manner they begin and move through these journeys. Learning is not a one time occurrence. It is something continuous and so learning even one single concept involves the child to go through multiple steps. Toy making and Joy full Learning are designated this logic in Consideration.

Urdu Typing - (1 Year)

Urdu typing will enable to get the learner employed as Urdu Typist/ Urdu Assistant and /or as Urdu Typewriting instructors in Pvt./semi Private organizations where the medium of work is largely Urdu. This course has been developed keeping in mind the demand of Urdu Typing work being done in Urdu publications houses and for various reporting media.

Computer Courses

List of Computer Diploma / Certificate Courses

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) - 1 Year
  • Diploma in Web Designing (DWD) - 1 Year
  • Diploma in Multimedia & Graphic Design(MM) - 1 Year
  • Advance Diploma in Computer Finance Accounting - 1 Year
  • Advance Diploma in Computer Applications(ADCA) 1 Year
  • Diploma in Finance Accounting - (6 Months)
  • Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) - 6 Months
  • CAD in Fashion Designing (CAD FD/TD) - 1 year /6 Months
  • Diploma Course in Office Automation (DOC) - 4 Months
  • Computer Embroidery - 3 months
  • Certificate in (CCC) Course on Computer Concept - 3 Months
  • O ‘Level’ NIELIT - 1 Year
  • Advance Excel - 4 Months
  • Programming Language - 1 Year
  • Internet - 1 month
  • Tally - 2 months
  • Basics in Computer - 1 Month

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application - (1 Year)

The aim of diploma is to develop dynamic computer professionals in short time. The program covers all aspects and basics in Computer Application. It also has projects for developing full software in various software languages along with real time environment. PGDCA is an acronym for Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. This course is computer oriented and it carries computer-related coursework. Graduate students in any branch can go for the course, After the course completion, applicants can work in rapidly growing IT Industry. IT has become an integral part of any organization or company. Therefore it has broad scope in the present scenario. Starting from programming, Python to business operations and oracle, the course focuses on all the related areas of the subject.

Diploma in Web Designing - (1 Year)

Where the students learn a great deal about how to create and maintain e-Commerce sites, blogs and websites. Topics like multimedia and web scripting & graphics are the dominant topics in this course. Technical aspects such as Hosting & Servers. Web designing is a great opportunity for those who want to work in dependently. In the graphics section, the students learn about multimedia, animation and graphics design whereas the web scripting section deals with JavaScript, JAVA script, PHP, CSS, HTML, etc. After completing the course, the students can easily find themselves as Design Consultants, Web Designers etc on e-Commerce sites, Tech Startups or Online Publishing Platforms.

Diploma in Multimedia & Graphic Design - (1 Year)

Graphic Design is the process of creating visual content to communicate information/ messages to the masses. Considered to be a sub-set of Communication Design, Graphic Design is used to create visual content using elements such as photographs, colors, typography, illustrations and icons and Multimedia is an undergraduate professional course that prepares students in concepts of 2D, 3D, Web, Graphic, Web, Visual effects and Cinema 4D. Multimedia graphic designers work on both print and motion graphics that combine the use of art and technology. The field of graphic design typically focuses on using text and images to create illustrations for print and website productions. However, graphic designers with training in multimedia may also create animations and visual effects for use in videos. The career options in the advertising, marketing, or the public relations industry, although, those who focus more on motions graphics may work for animation or motion picture companies.

Advance Diploma in Computer Finance Accounting - (1 Year)

This course will teach you the fundamentals of financial accounting. Starting with the basics of recording transactions as journal entries and posting them to Teach accounts, you will learn how to prepare a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement by using the electronic medium. Financial Accounting is intended for individuals at all stages of their careers—college students and recent graduates without a background in accounting, those considering an MBA or other graduate programs who would like to strengthen their understanding of accounting, or professionals seeking to understand financial statements and communicate financial results. You will cover fundamental financial accounting concepts to help you develop in your accounting career or prepare yourself for more advanced study. The career options in-Junior Accountant, Data Entry Operator, Accountant, Junior Accountant, Data Entry Operator, EDP Assistant

Advance Diploma in Computer Application(ADCA) - (1 Year)

It is a one-year Diploma course in the field of Computer Applications which involves study of numerous computer applications such as MS Office, Internet Applications, Operating System, Database Management System (DBMS), HTML among other subjects. ADCA Course is specifically designed for those candidates who are not at all familiar with computer operations or have little knowledge about it. Students who desire to know more about computers and their applications must undergo ADCA training, to advanced computer operation with accounting practical knowledge on tally ERP 9.0, Software Application knowledge on MS office (MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWER POINT), Typing, Tally ERP, CorelDraw Pagemaker. ADCA Course training also includes internet uses like email, Google Drive, YouTube, Social sites, etc.

Diploma in Finance Accounting - (6 Months)

Diploma in Financial Accounting Taxation, Banking and Payroll is an important training which helps the fresher’s experienced accountants and mangers to understand and improve their professional skills. This course is designed to equip students with valuable skills, such as fundamentals and principles of Accounting Management and financial accounting, enabling learners to read financial statements and to understand the language and grammar of accounting. The coursework introduces bookkeeping fundamentals, accrual accounting, cash flow analysis, among much else! Finally, using the foundational knowledge of accounting.

Diploma in Computer Application(DCA) - 6 Months

Diploma in Computer Application is totally created to cater the needs, with new innovations in this arena there is a growing demand for computer professionals with a sound understanding of basic computer applications in business covering key programming languages, data base management, systems analysis, computer software development in specific applications such as studies, financial management and long range planning.The DCA course contains the basic and the foundation subjects which is related to computer science and computer applications.

Computer Aided Design (Textile/Fashion Design) - (1 Year/6 Months)

CAD has dramatically transformed the process of design. It enables students to showcase their work in different perspectives and provides a 360-degree view of a design. CAD is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a design. The course successfully blends creativity and technology, grooming students to be successful Fashion Designers or Textile Designer , Costume Designers for Films/Theater, Bridal wear Designer, Illustrator.

Diploma Course in Office Automation(DOC) - (4 Months)

The field of Office Automation involves various Software used to carry out routine Office work such as Ms Word, Spreed Sheet, Ms Power point, Tally ERP etc. After completing Diploma course in Office Automation, students can opt for job of diverse profiles such as an Office Automation Clerrk, Office Automation Technician, Office Automation Analyst, Support Assistant.

Computer Embroidery - (3 Months)

Course is helps the students to understand different concepts of Basic embroidery stitches, traditional embroidery stitches and state embroideries. The trade, a candidate is trained on Professional Skill, Professional Knowledge and Employability Skill related to job role. This Student can be placed as Embroidery Designer & Embroidery Sample Maker.

Course on Computer Concept: (C.C.C.) - (3 Months)

The course is designed to equip a person to use computers for professional as well as day to day use. It provides theoretical background as well as in depth knowledge of Software/ packages. After completing the course the incumbent will be digitally literate .

O‘Level’ NIELIT - (1 Year)

The course is designed to enhance the skills of students so as to enable them to solve problems using Information Technology (IT) tools. The self learning approach is built into the syllabus enabling the learners to update themselves on the changing technologies in their area of work. The syllabus has been designed to meet the skills required for various IT job roles. • M1-R5 Information Technology Tools and Network Basics • M2-R5 Web Designing & Publishing • M3-R5 Programming and Problem Solving through Python • M4-R5 Internet of Things and its Applications PR1-R5 Practical based on M1-R5, M2- R5 ,M3-R5 and M4-R5 PJ1-R5 Project

Certificate in Advance Excel - (4 Months)

Excel is a blended learning program of theoretical knowledge with its application in Microsoft Excel software. This course is a base to all the analytical studies and research studies. It is focused on more industry relevant examples and situations, where in you learn how you actually need to apply your research and analytical skills at workplace. This can also be considered as a foundation course if you are looking out for higher education in research and analytics. The Managing and processing a business’s payroll is an important task, and it’s vital that those handling the payroll have a full understanding and knowledge of the processes involved. The understanding and operating of a payroll system within a business is an essential requirement for perform the payroll process exactly and correctly with lower financial cost.

Certificate/Diploma in Programming Languages - (1 Year)

Programming languages are the languages of a computer such as Python, JAVA, C++, C, Visual Basic etc. After obtaining a certificate or diploma in a programming language, the students have an option to go for a detailed course as this short-term course only teaches basic things. Although there is no shortage of opportunities for these kinds of students, yet it is advised that the students should go for an advanced course. Students with a diploma/certificate in programming languages can easily get hired as a Software Tester, Software Developers etc in the technology sector.

Internet - (1 Month)

The course is designed to aim common girls or housewife to be also a part of internet users list by making them digitally literate internet communication or Digital Skills. After completing th course the incumbent is able to use to personal/business letters, viewing information on Internet , Sending Mails, Digital Payment, Digital Lockers, Buy or sale o the E-Commerce site, Operate Social Sites& Fill Online Form, Internet Banking Services Etc.

Tally ERP 9 - (2 Months)

Tally is accounting software. Tally courses teach you how to use tally efficiently. Tally is trusted by many big companies and the Government to store and transfer financial statements. Tally software is updated and it becomes necessary to master the latest version of the software. You may do this course at various private institutes. I recommend to do it from NIIT (they have the latest Tally. ERP 9 software). They offer diploma courses in Finance and Accounting. After finishing the course, you will easily get jobs in private companies.

Basic In Computer - (1 Month)

The course is designed to aim at imparting a basic level appreciation programme for the common people. After completing the course the incumbent is able to use the computer for basic purpose of preparing her personal/ bisiness letters, vieving information on Internet, sending mails, using Internet banking services etc. This allow a Common Girl or housewife to be also a part of computer users list by making them digitally literate.

Short Term Courses

This learning platform provides courses for individuals to upgrade their skills. We help in developing interpersonal skills, physical health, reducing stress through various courses like yoga, art and craft, cooking, dancing and many more …

List of Short Term Courses

  • Cutting Tailoring - 3 Months
  • Hand and Machine Embroidery - 3 Months
  • Zardozi - 3 Months
  • Applique & Patch Work - 2 Months
  • Quilting - 1 Month
  • Fabric Painting - 1 Month
  • Oil Painting - 1 Month
  • Glass Painting - 1 Month
  • Ceramic Pot Painting - 1 Month
  • Tenzor Painting - 1 Month
  • Batik - 1 Month
  • Tie & Dye - 1 Month
  • Tatting - 1 Month
  • Crochet Work - 1 Month
  • Macrame - 1 Month
  • Doll Making - 1 Month
  • Soft Toys - 3 Months
  • Dry Flower Decoration - 1 Month
  • Artificial Flower Making - 1 Month
  • Handicrafts - 1 Month
  • Use of Waste Material - 1 Month
  • Gift Packing - 1 Month
  • Ceramic Work - 1 Month
  • Beautician - 3/1 Month
  • Mehandi - 1 Month
  • Yoga - 1 Month
  • Dance - 1 Month
  • Dholak - 1 Month
  • Cooking - 1 Month
  • English Communication and Personality Grooming - 1 Month
  • Typing- Hindi - 6 Months
  • Typing- English - 6 Months
  • Shorthand- Hindi - 6 Months
  • Shorthand- English - 6 Months