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Advanced Fashion Design and Textile Design 2 Year

This Diploma course will provide you with much needed insight and technical expertise required to venture into the Fashion/ Garment Manufacturing Industry. This excellent course digs deep into the fundamental topics of Fashion And Textile Design with knowledge of Computer Aided Design.
It offers well-tailored courses for students and professionals alike, who aspire to carve a niche in the fashion business. This advanced diploma course opens a variety of careers as a Self Employed, Manufacturer, Merchandiser, Pattern Maker, Embroidery Designer, Fashion and textile designer etc.

Textile Design Printing (TD/TDAP) 1 Year/2Years

Textile designers are artists who dream up and design the look and feel of textiles, they are responsible for the aesthetic characteristics of fabrics, including patterns printed or woven into their surfaces.
Through this education path we provide you with an overview of the textile industry, and the basics of fabrics, fibers, and techniques. The theoretical and technical knowledge acquired fundamental for approaching the realization and production process of the design on fabric. At the end of this textile laboratory you will be able to plan and realize your personal and original drawings on fabrics. Furthermore, it allows you to relate with the textile district and to understand its history, its characteristics and to learn about the most famous textiles and textile designers. The theoretical and technical knowledge of Printing acquired fundamental for approaching the realization and production process of different Dyeing and Printing techniques like block, Screen, Spray, Metallic and many more. Learning different Weaving techniques and constructing their own fabric as well to understand each and every basic of advance.

Fashion Design Special Course 1 Year

The most sort Fashion Design Special Course offers creative, artistic, intuitive as well as technical experts in Design. Our fashion design programs train students to use colors, fabrics and ornamentation to craft different fashion items. Students can analyze recent fashion trends and learn about basic business and merchandising principles. The hands-on practice allows students to apply skills in interpreting and developing projects in the different areas of fashion, and add more value to their creativity.

Steno typing Secretarial Practice and office Management with Computer Application (ST) 2Year

To familiarize students with the activities in a modern office. Smooth functioning of any organization depends upon the way various activities are organized, the facilities provided to the staff working in the office, the working environment, tools and equipment used in office. The aim of this program is to equip the students with advanced knowledge of modern office equipment, effective communication at all levels by human relations, efficiency in shorthand and typing to become Executive Secretaries at the higher level. This course is in much demand and offers ample opportunities of employment for girls who wish to work as secretaries, stenographers, computer operators, receptionists and office assistants.

Interior Designing & Home Decoration (IDHD) 2Year

VIFD is a conducive platform where interested aspirants can gain industry-oriented training and put best foot forward in this industry. Spaces, Décor, Details, Colors- if all this interests an individual, then one can look forward to build career in the field of Interior Design. We prepare our student to make creative flair, innovative design, luxury components and excellent architectural understanding to deliver spectacular lifestyle solutions for both private homes and commercial properties, large and small.