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Cutting Tailoring and Dress Making (CTDM) - 1 year

The learner will be able to identify and take care of the various tools and equipment used in cutting and tailoring, to identify and practice basic and decorative stitches, take body measurements systematically, use of sewing machine and take care of the machine, practice different type of seams using bias, piping, facing and plackets, design draft, pattern making, cutting, stitching and finishing of the garment.

Personal Secretary and Personal Assistant (PAPS) - 1 Year

Secretarial Practice is a One Year Certificate Course designed keeping in view the requirements of a Personal/ Private Secretary. This is a multi-skilled program, which will expose learner to variety of Skills. It includes handling of mail, Postal Services, Noting and Drafting, Maintenance of Records, Meetings, Appointments, Communication, Travel Arrangements and Basic of Computer. The aim of this course is to equip the learners with advanced knowledge of modern office equipment, effective communication at all levels by human relations, efficiency in shorthand and typing to become Executive Secretaries. This course offers ample opportunities of employment for those who wish to work as secretaries, stenographers, computer operators, receptionists and office assistants.

Diploma in Beauty Culture(BC) - 6 Months

Beauty is not simply a job but it has much deeper significance. An attractive appearance has become a pre-requisite to move forward in life. This is a career-oriented course. The theoretical and Practical Training imparted to the girls/ Women helps them in establishing themselves. Course starts with the zero knowledge of beauty culture and converts students into professionals. There are so many career options especially in private sectors after its successful passing. This course provide all the latest trends and techniques of the business with grooming and personality development of the student imparting an excellent communication skill. Students enable to learn various Makeup techniques, Mehndi application, massage, exercises, Yoga, Hair styling, Hair care, Hair cutting, Coloring, straightening, Perming etc. prepare lerner for work ethics handling different type of client, preparing home-made cosmetic and remedies etc.

Early Childhood Care and Education - 1 Year

This Course is a range of processes and mechanisms that sustain, support and aid in the holistic development of children, from birth to age 8 years. Due to the rapid neural connections, brain development and growth that take place at this age, this period is considered a critical window of opportunity for optimizing children’s development through the combined impact of education, care, health, nutrition, protection and stimulation. Children who have participated in quality ECCE exhibit tremendous gains in their overall social, cognitive and intellectual development. It also offers an entry point and platform for improving social equity and inclusion.

Desktop Publishing(DTP) - 1 Year

This course introduce students to the principles of design applicable to publications created using desktop publishing software and computer technology. Special attention is given to design principles, typography, and layout and production techniques. Which means the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines or books. It prepares to become skilled and innovative Graphics designers. It develops creative and practical skills, equipping students to work as an individual designer or collaboratively as a member of the team. After doing this course the student will be able to effectively and efficiently produce formatted text and graphics, who want to build their careers in Desktop Publishing.

Modern Secretarial Practice - 1 Year

This course has been designed keeping in view the developments in the area of Secretarial Practice over the few years. The work of an Office Secretary has undergone lot of changes and this course aims to cover all the changed work responsibility of an Office/ Private Secretary. The course components also discuss Computer Applications in Office which has been developed to enable learners to work on the Computer. Knowledge of working on the computer is now an essential job requirement for any Private Secretary/ Personal Assistant. The course aims to equip learners with the art of drafting official correspondences independently. The course also lets learners develop the skill of stenography which is indispensable in business, profession, vocation and administration wherever it is desirable to have a quick and neat record of the spoken words and getting it transcribed from shorthand to longhand on the Typewriter/ computer. After pursuing the course learners can get job.

Basic Computing - 6 Months

This course is for all literate level learners who want to have basic knowledge of digital literacy. After completing this course the learning will be able to describe about computer, use computer for preparing document, resume, prepare charts from data, create slides for presentation and use Internet. After completing the course the incumbent is able to the use the computer for basic purposes of preparing his personnel/business letters, viewing information on Internet (the web), sending mails, using internet banking services etc. This allows a common man or housewife to be also a part of computer users list by making them digitally literate.

Computer and Office Applications

This course is intended for individuals who want to pursue careers in IT and gain practical knowledge of basic concepts of computer, networking, communication, Internet and office productivity tools. The Self Instructional Material along with hands on experience will help the learner to explain the importance of various units of computer, describe communication protocols and data transmission modes, use of computer network, search the desired information over Internet, protect a document, format data and create database, table and queries.

  • Toys Making and Joyful Learning - 1 Year

    Every kid is unique in the manner they begin and move through these journeys. Learning is not a one time occurrence. It is something continuous and so learning even one single concept involves the child to go through multiple steps. Toy making and Joy full Learning are designated this logic in Consideration.

  • Urdu Typing - 1 Year

    Urdu typing will enable to get the learner employed as Urdu Typist/ Urdu Assistant and /or as Urdu Typewriting instructors in Pvt./semi Private organizations where the medium of work is largely Urdu. This course has been developed keeping in mind the demand of Urdu Typing work being done in Urdu publications houses and for various reporting media.